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Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers


We are proud to welcome and introduce our new language star Amanda! She is bringing her expansive cultural and linguistic knowledge and experience to MACS Inc’s growing team of volunteers. Whether you fancy a Pretzel picnic and chat in German, or groove to a Turkish dance class and finish with a nice Turkish coffee, Amanda will be happy to have a chat. Her love of language and curiosity about the world will bring a fun new vibe to our ever growing multicultural community in the Moreton Bay Region.
This small initiative is to bring communities and individuals together and to create opportunities for people to learn or practice a new language. 


Meet Shagun, an enthusiastic volunteer representing Intuitive Goddess Wellness and collaborating closely with MACS, Inc. Shagun is fueled by a compassionate heart and boasts extensive knowledge in the realm of holistic well-being. As a Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and dedicated Ayurvedic Practitioner in training, she brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront. Shagun’s true calling lies in supporting multicultural mothers and mothers-to-be on their unique path towards wellness and enlightenment. This purpose harmoniously aligns with MACS, Inc.’s mission to bridge cultural divides, uplifting and empowering individuals along the way. With her unwavering dedication to the community and a distinctive blend of skills, Shagun stands as an invaluable asset, propelling us forward in our collective journey towards growth and holistic harmony.


Radha Kanhai-Reddy, a teacher by profession, is an Indo Fijian, born in famous Rugby Islands of Fiji. Radha lived in NZ for 20 years and has been a part of several multicultural societies in NZ and Australia. She is enthusiastic about community service and charity work. Good for us that Radha is passionate about celebrating Cultural events. Radha says she is glad to have found a place in the MACS Inc team and is always keen to assist with her expertise.

Our Partnership

Macs Inc is always actively looking to collaborate with organisations, individuals and groups to promote multiculturalism in our community. Over the last 24 years MACS Inc. has secured collaborative partnerships with multiple organisations.  

Moreton Bay Police Ethnic Advisory Group
Fonda Projects